Welcome to #HackTheHill

What is Hack The Hill?

Hack the Hill is the first and only hackathon hosted at Western Kentucky University. During this event, developers will have 24 hours to hack together their innovative creations. Judges will select winners in multiple categories to be awarded prizes at the end of the hackathon. Sign up for Hack the Hill to implement your ideas, meet other developers, and learn new skills!

When is it?

Hack the Hill will be held on
November 18-19, 2017. We'll be starting at 1:30 PM CST on the 18th!

Where is it?

Hack the Hill will held at Western Kentucky University, in Snell Hall.

Where Can I Apply?


Yes, all participants are required to abide by MLH's Code of Conduct as well as WKU's Student Code of Conduct.

If you have a WKU parking pass, just park in your normal location. Otherwise, go here!

Bowling Green, Kentucky


A live, up-to-date copy of the schedule can be found here.

Saturday Time Sunday Time
Check In/Registration 1:30 pm Coffee Break 7:00 am
Opening Ceremony 3:00 pm Breakfast 10:30 am
Team Preparation 3:30 pm Lunch 3:00 pm
Hacking Begins 4:30 pm Judging Begins 4:30 pm
Fiserv Presentation 5:00 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm Closing Ceremony 5:30 pm
Late Night Event 1:00 am


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